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At The Guardian Group, we have the vision to provide mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual clarity and direction for every hockey family.

We accomplish our vision by providing the best prayerful and rigorous hockey advice with the best advisors on the planet. Our brand promise is to inspire hockey families from every continent on the earth and to impact the world of hockey by advising hockey families with clarity and direction.

A certified Guardian Group Advisor will provide sound direction and clarity for all aspects of the hockey environment.

With the Guardian group, there are no guarantees, however, we will disciple Godly warriors with clarity, purpose, and direction and empower families by navigating the next steps of the hockey community at large.

The Guardian Group Advisor oversees the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical coaches that are assigned to each family and player. Each player’s Advisor will handle the hockey operations in a collaborative effort with the rest of The Guardian Groups’ trainers, counselors, and coaches. The advisor seeks to honor and glorify the Lord by providing clarity and direction to each family.

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